TOP 5 Podcasts for the web-developing mind!

Hello aspiring Whizards and friends from other realms! Here’s a quick run-through of our Top 5 favourite podcasts you can give a listen to, to have better insight into the magical world of Web Development, because let’s face it, it ain’t a boring day in the mind of a creator!

Happy Monday

No more Monday blues with Sarah Parmenter’s Happy Monday podcasts which look into stories and discussions on web project works. Every Monday Sarah hosts an interview with a web developer or someone involved with web development that you can listen to for some start-of-the-week inspiration or just to wind down after a long day of work!

99% Invisible

Some lunch-times you just want to dissolve into your background and not have to think about work, for those days you have 99% Invisible. Covering general design and web development topics, 99% Invisible is great for just a simple listen or for an intro into web development. The episodes come to 15–20 minutes and are the perfect length for you to take a break from work (or even a break from your creative block). Overall this podcast series is great for a short getaway into getting some quick web development inspo!


What’s one thing common between a developer and a linguist? You got it! Syntax! Made by full-stack developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, the duo went from creating courses on web development to starting Syntax as a way of imparting their web development knowledge to a larger crowd. With new podcasts twice a week, Syntax is great for those who want to gain knowledge on web development, entrepreneurship and more, from two extremely entertaining hosts!

CodePen Radio

A favourite among developers, CodePen is a platform for web developers to showcase their work. The Podcast channel itself is run by CodePen employees and is focussed on sharing stories, discussions, works and more about the many web development cases that happen on CodePen. These include stories of success, struggle, perseverance, and the lessons that can be learnt from them. A good podcast for those lazy evenings or weekends when you’re staying in.

Developer Tea

Another Favourite at Wiridis, Developer Tea is perfect for quick catch-ups with the web development world. At 5–15 minute durations, the podcasts discuss topics from the programming and coding, to issues such as productivity and professionalism. These podcasts by host Jonathan Cutrell are also great if you want to know about professional web development tools, platforms, careers, along with many thought provoking topics to get you into the mood for creating some mind-blowing web works!



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